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Interview with Cyprusian

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We had a quick chat with Cyprusian after two of his releases with RedON Records -

,,Show me your fantasy'' and ,,Yellow Submarine''

RedON Records : Hi, we are happy that we can have a little chat and get to know how are you doing?

Cyprusian : All good here thanks, keeping busy. Thanks for having me on the interview RedON Records : How do you feel about releasing restrictions in the UK very soon? What will be the first thing you will do? Cyprusian : There is a lot of optimism for sure. I hope the government doesn’t change their mind. The first thing? going to a party haha. I have missed parties so much. RedON Records : While you DJin are you more cross-fader or channel faders guy and also which button do you press the most? Cyprusian : Channel faders for me as it makes more sense to me visually, especially when mixing with 3 & 4 decks. On a pioneer mixer the effect buttons (use mostly, echo & reverb) on alen & heath the filter.

RedON Records : Do you have any confirmed gigs for this summer, residency, live mixes ? Cyprusian : The only gig I have confirmed is at a festival in Romania in August. There a few more “possibly” but were waiting to see what can actually happen in June. I will continue with my Ibiza Club News Radio and Data Transmission radio monthly shows for the summer at least. RedON Records : Back to music production, tell us how long it takes you to make a banger tune like your recent release with us "Show me your fantasy" or "Yellow Submarine" Also we are wondering did you learn anything new during the quarantine? Cyprusian : There’s no standard here. It all depends on how the creativity is flowing that day. Sometimes I can bash out a track in 3-4 hours and other times it can take a week. With those two tracks, "yellow submarine" came was finished a lot faster that “show me your fantasy”. One of the “blessings” of the last year was having so much more time. I improved my sound design capabilities and spent some time learning my synths a lot more. Also honed my vinyl mixing to another level. RedON Records : Do you have any tips for newcomer producers or maybe you have some secrets that you could share with us?

Cyprusian : Haha too many tips. I think the main one, is to finish the music and if you like it get it out. Don’t worry about what people will think because there will always be people who hate it and people who love it. You learn a lot with each release, and also this way you start to learn a lot about labels, your sound and your direction. Another tip is don’t chase the Beatport charts. It's not a true representation of how good or bad your music is. RedON Records : Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best with music and DJ career! Cyprusian : Thanks guys! All the best to you too.

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