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Interview with Patrick Branch.

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

After our first release Primal produced by Patrick Branch we had a quick chat about pandemic time, DJ life and some music production aspects.

RedON Records : Hi, Patrick

First of all, we are very happy to have you onboard on our label.

Thank you for your trust and for releasing with us!

How are you?

Patrick Branch : Hey! Thanks for giving me a chance to open the RedOn Records

catalogue. I'm fine, looking up for some new opportunities in 2021 :)

RedON Records : How was the past 2020 year for you? Were there any highlights you want

to talk about?

Patrick Branch : 2020 was bad for all of us... what can I say? Cancelled bookings and

lack of festivals in the summer... that was the worst! But I released

some music and I'm trying to keep going on ;)

RedON Records : Could you tell us something about your production routine? What DAW

are you using, and how are you starting and finishing your projects?

Patrick Branch : I'm producing in Ableton 10. I love it because it's very intuitive

and gives you a lot of ways to express yourself. Built-in devices are

very good quality and I'm very rarely using external VST's. I always

start my project with the kick and bass/rumble. Sometimes I just

create some beat and get back to it a few months later... and boom

there's a new track! It depends on my mood very much :)

RedON Records : Do you have any favourite plugins that you could recommend to other producers?

Patrick Branch : Like I said, I use Ableton devices the most... I love Saturator,

Reverb, Delays - those things can do a lot of magic :) There are some

very good free plugins like Valhalla Supermassive(Reverb/Delay) or

Tritik Krush (Beatcrusher) that I can highly recommend for your


RedON Records : What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As

an attendee?

Patrick Branch : As a Raver it was Mayday Poland 2007 for sure... I went there for

Trance music and got back with a head full of Techno and Breaks! Mind

changing gig! As a DJ I just love my moments in Sfinks700 Sopot...

that place is pure magic and people always know what they came for.

RedON Records : Do you remember your first gig at a club in front of people? How did

you feel back then?

Patrick Branch : Haha I was very young and I didn't know exactly how to mix... but I

always loved electronic music and it was my dream to become a DJ. My

friend was doing a gig in Gdansk which is our hometown. He let me play

a few tunes at the end of the night... it was very unique experience


When I learned how to mix and I played my first full time set in front

of people, I saw how the dancefloor is getting crowded... it was such

a huge energy boost for me! I love it.

RedON Records : What's the best part of a DJ's life?

Patrick Branch : Most of the time I'm producing, recording podcasts... I think

describing "DJ life" is a good question for some club resident or some

bigger name than me. I know it for Instagram the most :D

RedON Records : What are the plans for the future?

Patrick Branch : I'd like to get better and better in production and develop my DJ

skills. My goal is to play more gigs, but the world needs to get back

to normal. That's my wish for all of us :) RedON Records : Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best for the future! Patrick Branch : Thank you, and all the best for you too!

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