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Interview with ROYSAT before & after his releases with RedON Records

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

RedON Records : Hi, we are very happy to have a little chat with you! Your latest release ,,Thick and Long Lines'', went to Beatport top charts and stay there for over a week gaining a lot of interest. This is a huge success, congratulation.

Roysat : Thank you, I am happy with the result and hope future releases will have similar or better results.

RedON Records : Can you tell us about this EP and the concept behind it?

Roysat : In my collaborations, it is about finding a common factor that will be used in songs, each song is different but you can hear someone more in it and this is what the recipient will feel RedON Records : We are about to release another EP of you with a collaboration with Tom Rotzki. This one is also a great masterpiece. From a listener or DJ perspective, for who this EP could be the best?

Roysat : I think this is EP will also be timeless. so it be good for DJs to play it today and also next year and in few years time. tracks in this EP are not made for fashion which comes and goes, it's for real DJs and ravers that love to be in the music

RedON Records : What do you have planned, musically, for the near future?

Roysat : I love to collaborate with other artists but next one I am looking to prepare a solo EP to express only myself hopefully, this will help me to demonstrate clearly myself to the audience RedON Records : We need to ask about Paranoid Collab as doing some research about you we find out that this takes a big role in your DJ career, so what is it?

Roysat : Some people say it's DJ collective, others say it's an art association but for people from Paranoid collab is the way to be. The music spectrum is very wide and we grow in a very organic way without strict direction RedON Records : After spending some time in multiple countries, which country/city has inspired you the most and left a significant impression on your music? Roysat : Good question. I always try to demonstrate this in my music. This is why the next EP is about Tokyo & Las Vegas and the future one will be focusing on Ibiza, perhaps one day I will release EP that can combine my inspiration from all countries: Poland, Germany, Spain, UK and USA RedON Records : Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best with music production & and upcoming DJ Gigs! Roysat : Thank you!

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Paranoid Collab
Paranoid Collab
Aug 06, 2021

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