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Unmasking the Mystery of Ascolta: Let's Dance to Their New Single 'This New Earth'

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Ascolta, a dynamic duo of DJs and producers, have been making waves in Belgian music scenes since 2011. This masked pair, who keep their identities secret, have dedicated their lives to creating electrifying music and performances for dance floors around the country.

The duo have just signed a contract with RedOn Records, and are set to release their new single 'This New Earth'.

Ascolta's music stretches across various genres of Techno, making them the perfect addition to any event. Their passion, dedication, and creativity make their performances genuinely unforgettable. By combining modern techno sounds with their fascinating masked outfits, Ascolta can bring an extra dose of excitement and mystique to any rave.

Fans of Ascolta have a lot to look forward to with the duo's release of their new single. In our interview with them, we heard more of their music and gained insight into their process of releasing music, as well as advice they have to offer.

RedOn Records: What inspired you to wear masks while performing?

Ascolta: Although the concept of wearing face coverings is not new, we recognize that masks can serve as a symbol of our DJ act.

Perhaps people may find it easier to associate our outfit so they can expect the genre we are playing, like' these guys play that kind of techno'.

We also try to create an atmosphere of curiosity.RedOn Records: How has your music evolved since you started out in 2011?

RedOn Records: What elements do you believe make for a successful and memorable live show?

Ascolta: Our music has evolved from simple remixes of existing songs to our own techno songs like today.

RedOn Records: What kind of atmosphere do you strive to create when playing at a club or festival?

Ascolta: The right techno tracks are perfectly mixed, to tell a story through our music selection, all that in combination with an excellent light show and visuals.

RedOn Records: How do you choose the different genres of music to include in your sets?

Ascolta: Our goal is to create an energetic atmosphere that engages the audience and keeps them moving throughout our performance.

RedOn Records: Looking back on your career so far, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Ascolta: Stay close to yourself and your music, accept failures along the way and be willing to learn from others.

RedOn Records: What are your main goals for the next few years in terms of music and live performances?

Ascolta: Continue to produce music, our aim is to strive for a techno hit, and getting booked in clubs, and festivals.

RedOn Records: How do you feel about joining Redon Records?

Ascolta: The label has produced some fine releases and appears highly professional. We sense that the Redon label is making an effort to assist their artists.

RedOn Records: If you could recommend one night out to someone looking to experience the best of the Belgian music scene, where would you suggest they go?

Ascolta: Clubs like VAAG, Ampere, Fuse, Kompass are known for organising Techno Events.

If you want to experience different genres in the Belgian music scene we recommend the summer festivals like Werchter, Pukkelpop, Dour and TML.

RedOn Records: What are some of your favourite hobbies outside of music?

Ascolta: Unfortunately none. No sports athletes here :)

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